Monday, February 21, 2011

The way the Lord needs it to be... 1-31-11

hey im staying. same comp. i have some
news... you will hear about it on my recording,
its about my back.... here we go again. Love ya,
elder Hansen

From the recording: Trev and his companion were teaching a guy and after as he stood up to leave the guy said to him… “Hey, look at me. I think your spine is crooked.” So he felt his spine and it is. His alignment is off. It was apparent to the guy so much that he could see it in Trev’s face. This made sense to Trev because he has felt that his recent back problem is different from what was going on in the MTC.

He wrote: Things are going okay here in Kaposvar we met with a few really cool people here lately. Nothing way exciting but things are starting to move and we got a really good referral which is extremely rare here in Hungary and to get a referral which actually goes somewhere, very rare. That lady is so ready she just needs some calm time and she is just in a really hard time in her life and she lives with her mom and daughter. Elder Swagger baptized the mom while he was there.
I would love to hear from the fam, nieces and nephews, Devin and Brett.
Everything will work out the way the Lord needs it to.
Love you guys!

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