Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's all about love... January 24, 2011

How’s the snow doing? Is it melting now? Cause Coach Bowring rubbed it in pretty hard… Ya, so tell Devin to go get on my snowmobile or I will come home and it will blow up.
I guess I will give you a run down on what the branch is like here. We have like 7 people here. It is really small. We are trying to create unity and in order to do that we need to do fun activities so this is where your part comes in mom, because you are the activity master… the tevékenységek master. So you need to write me with some ideas something like we can do. Our situation is pretty limited. I am thinking of crafts or little hobbies like we could bring and have like a craft night. We could create Family Picture frames and do that and they could decorate it and stuff and take it home for their family, just stuff like that. We don’t have a gym obviously. But like any activity mom, just something that brings people together if you could help me out on that. The importance of coming to church is to take the Sacrament and to show Christ that you are thankful for the atonement. I talked about Love today in Sacrament Meeting… and it is the reason we do what we do. I talked about the thing that motivates us to do anything, our biggest motivation and our biggest motivation is our want. Ultimately everything is all about want. Everything we do and everything there is and nothing else can compare to our wants. That is why we do what we do. But on top of that there are things that govern our wants. I read a bunch of scriptures hoping that they would understand what my point was. And I read I Corinthians 13 the entire thing in Hungarian in their Bible which is almost an entirely different language. When the bible was translated here it was a different type of language so I would say 40% is completely different than the Language now. They use different conjugations, different verbs, verb buildings…constructions so like, Hungarians have a hard time understanding it because it has changed a lot over the years and I read that all by myself. But it was aimed that Love is our ultimate motivation. Love changes our want and love changes everything. We can want this and we can want that, is why we do stuff but if we love then it changes what we want. Ultimately love is just a want of everything that is good for me, for you, for everybody that is what true love is that is what true charity is. I have been thinking about that a lot. If you are doing something out of love then the spirit isn’t going to leave you. It is that simple, I have learned a lot. This whole transfer has been all about love for me like figuring out what love is. What it really is and how it really profits us. That is what I have learned so far especially this transfer. I am obedient, I do the things that are in the white handbook. Like I do my best to do my studies, I do this, I do that, but without love it doesn’t do a thing. Love first then everything else comes after that and that is basically what my Pres. told me. He basically said the only thing we are here to do is to love. And through that love we want their happiness and through that want for their happiness we preach the gospel and in order to preach the gospel better we need to stay closer to the spirit. And in order to stay closer to the spirit we have to follow these rules. And we have to do those things that will keep our minds focused on it. But above all, it is all about love. Love first and then everything else comes after that. And that is what I have really really learned and I am really thankful that I had the chance to learn that. And it has really impacted my life a lot. I just wanted to say I love you guys. I am really grateful for everything you do for me and all the prayers. I am so grateful for all the memories I have with you, especially up at the cabin. Enjoying those times, building it with you guys... that is a really fun place for our family and the memories we have and the memories we will make when I get back. Just don’t build too much I have got to be able to work on it. I think everything is a dream, I still think this whole mission thing is like a dream for me. It feels really surreal. I am going to let you get going. I love you a lot. Keep filling me in on what is happening there. Send me a picture of you guys on the snowmobile up at the cabin. That would be fun and let me know how that goes. Love you guys!

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