Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going to Kaposvár... Dec. 20, 2010

Well, Im going to Kaposvár its in the south west, with Elder Miller, i dont really know him but yeah. i am pretty excited actually about my new comp i know that he is a pretty straight kid... follows the rules, and is a really humble kid.... I think it (Kaposvár) is a little bit smaller town. We have to find some people who will stay strong to influence those around them.... that way, it can slowly spread.... but for now, we just gotta do some work, and do what we can.... This mission is an awesome place, i feel like its my own little mission that no one will ever experience, im excited....
It’s kinda like i tried to explain to one of our investigators... just because we are in the church doesnt guarantee simplicity, it doesnt always change the situation the way we want it to... it changes our perspective.... and even though its hard, there is this unexplainable joy that we receive from this knowledge even when we are outwardly unhappy..... nothing in life is easy, in fact nothing in life really is not hard.... but its all worth it, and you feel better when youre on the right path, even though your back hurts and you have to pack up for the 3rd time in 3 months. Nothing in life worth having or gaining is easy to get. Its like your just wandering in a dark world, no aim no goal. With this you still have the darkness and you fall but you get to see that light up ahead that you know that eventually, if you keep going on the path, the Savior will meet you and get you there with path He trod.
I get this picture, a mountian, we are at the bottom, Christ is at the top, He has already walked from where you were, we begin to walk forward, he begins walking down, sometimes the path gets a little tricky, we cant see Him, so we call out for help, we hear His voice, and continue, sometimes we fall, we get lost, He tells us how to get out of it, He's been there and sometimes we sit, but we get back up and we walk towards Him. Eventually, we meet, tired, worn and ready to collapse. He picks us up, he carries us like a lamb upon his shoulders bearing all that we are, with us, and takes us to the top. And we see it all, we look funny at the trials or the bushes that we tried to walk through, and we watch Him again start the journey to gather the rest.
Some good progress was made this last week... we got let in for the first time in Pest, we decided to try tracting, which is wayyyy hard in pest, and this kid talked and had a good program with him.... and streeted a guy who said he knew it wasnt by chance that we met.... it was cool to hear. i also got to partake in a blessing so yeah but that was cool haha
How is it there: Snow? what?

I will be back to Budapest on the 23rd for zone conference to get the packages to... have you got anything from me yet???! i have sent everything, and i have a few things left to send, but the bulk is out, (We asked him if there was anything he would like for Christmas or his birthday.) i havent thought of anything, oh a new spine.... my back has been killing me lately..... i still speak better than i understand though hahaha which is usually backwards... hahaha

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