Monday, January 17, 2011

Baptism... Jan. 3, 2011 ...Kaposvar

well we had 2 super p day for new years so today is a work day except for email and shopping..... and just got done with lunch
Things are going good, we had a program with a lady that is getting baptized saturday. She set her bap date the first day i was here, its been a little less than a month that she has been an investigator, good lady, desires salvation.
Comp is good, i talked with him this morning, about my question, i still just keep asking myself involuntarily, i read in PMG about what the prophets have said about it, and the things i have heard just keep bugging me for some reason... if everyone gets a chance, why now? what IF someone rejects the gospel because of me, will they get another chance?
The "now" question, we have to do the things here on this earth, baptism, temple work, that is plain in the scriptures.
I honestly dont ask, or go looking for these questions... i just need to realize that this life plays a bigger role than we think, i have kinda thought, well, this life gets over, and when we look back it will be short, but we are here to be happy, and i thought, well, everyone can grind it out and deal with it, and so what , it doesnt matter in the big picture, but it does, we have to be happy, to us still, this life is long, but for some reason my view keeps looking at the bigger picture, missing the details that there is a here and a now and a reason for both. and thats just how it is.... after i searched and pondered this morning, i read my patriarichal blessing, this work has great eternal importance, we just cant comprehend how everything works exactly. and my patriarichal blessing kinda helped me feel what i needed to feel, there is a reason, to do this work, its all about love. and looking on this life as such a small thing is the opposite of what we should do... it has huge importance, much of which we are not able to see, but its there.
And ive also thought that maybe He gave me this question for something to be revealed to me. who knows? and at sometimes, i get scared that worrying about it or studying about it will be like "looking beyond the mark" But either way, i feel happy doing this, and i feel the spirit testify through me when i teach about the Gospel... There is something for me to learn, whatever it is.... im doing my best....
this is my little niche here, but at the same time i do kinda miss home, just being able to talk to you face to face and not be limited by letters and numbers in expressing myself... and yes, when i read my blessing, i felt the confirmation. Everything in it was something i wanted here on this earth and it made me realize that there is point to time here, like family, and friends. And moving on, the Gospel. We may not know the meaning of all things, but thats why we have faith, and the Holy Ghost
Pic explanation.... Me, on a train, from Budapest to Pécs.
some weird tree carving i saw when streeting.....
A 1950 chevy pick up. Like dads, only older and not blue.
me and the sweet shirt i bought plus my tag fits right on the pocket.... hahaha
I love you all, i have to get going, keep sending me pictures, and a voice recording would be awesome if at all possible.... i love you, thanks for all that you do and for the strength you are to me in my life and my mission....

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