Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2010 Email

Nothing real new. I did have a cool experience with this guy who is not our investigator but the other elders. He hunts, we see him on the street all the time. i showed him a bunch of hunting pictures and told him how our entire family is gung ho mighty hunter. he was all sorts of excited, hes like hey lets go eat, we gotta talk more hahaha but i came to email instead, and he came to english class, and started talking to me, and was like hey.... you wanna shoot something? i was like huh? haha he said yeah, the fox hunt is on right now, you wanna go huntin? hahahahah i explained to him that after, i would haha and that i really wanted to but yeah. hahahahey can you send me some good american recipes? a member wants a bunch.... recipes... desserts... just send whatever.... haha cakes, cookies especially, stuff like that. brownies, coconut bars, things of that nature.
Oh can you send me a picture of what our house used to look like. When it was blue?
Sunday was so great, i dont know why. Nothing special, out of the ordinary happened, it was just a happy day. Went to church. Me and another elder helped with primary, Pres gave us permission or even a commandment, that we help with the kids, take them out of sacrament whatever, haha and then, we went to a members house because this week was a special consecration week, where we just met with members, strengthened them, dug for referrals, and i held the lesson, it was just an awesome day. I was happy beyond anything i have ever been, i felt so lucky to be here with these people in that program, i still feel happy, just annoyed at my health.
we are gonna get going now. I love you soo much. thanks for putting up with me. things will go the way the Lord needs them to. im doing my best to help my back. so yeah, not much else i can do...
Take a few pictures for me. tell the bros and sis to write me! Tristen and Colby!!! do they exist?

Love ya. Keep being awesome!!!

Elder Hansen

ps there is a letter on its way with your names on it....

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