Monday, January 17, 2011

Confirmation... Jan. 10, 2011 email

hey mom and dad, i heard the snow
pounded the state? igaz? the baptism was
good, the confirmation was the spiritual part,
really cool. send pictures. LOVE YA!!!
(we received a package of letters in the mail, there was also a mini marathon program which Twila snatched right up and gave it her best to pronounce and read aloud…so I recorded it and we sent it to Trev)
wow.... nice try Twilla.... hahahahahahahahahahahahah i have actually heard that hungarian is thee hardest. but whatev. Hahahaha
The confirmation was the cool thing. me my comp, the branch pres, and his 1st couns, when he said, receive the Holy Ghost, its was crazy spiritual. wow. it was so cool. and Pres and Sis. Baughman happened to be talking in our branch that Sunday so it was way cool.
Ya i read Coach Bs letter.... why does it snow exactly when im not there????!?!?!?!!! Hahaha No snow here! Apparently we are having a quarrel or disagreement of sorts, but i can get it to come back! haha
I got your letter mom, thanks:) i needed it that day.... I finally made my cake last night hahaha i made snowmobile tracks in it :P hahaha Yeah, cakes bake amazing here though, the middle went so high up it almost touched the heating coil.... hahaha
haha you didnt get to see my new, hair cut. short as its ever been..... hahahahaha i cut most of it. we just use buzzers on the highest length haha and then another elder finished my sides and stufff. But right now, i dont have to worry about it.
hey send me some pics! haha yeah. so im just gonna go ahead and say, dont expect those packages i sent.... what do i do? rebuy somethings to send you?
ok, i just bought some wayy cool stuff in a hunting store a sweet forest poem on a slice of tree haha so ya hahaha i think i need to come home with a true hungarian hunting outfit hahahahaha Hunter green everything, robinhood hat, and yeah, you get the picture hahahaha, how is the basketball team doing???
Oh wait, jeffs stuff will get there, but i sent you guys' stuff when i was in Budapest, including the nieces and nephews bracelets... theyre gone. but jeffs is coming....
Has anyone else used the sled??? They better have with all the snow!
Umm i actually have a deal with an elder who just went home that when i get home we are going up there haha my comp is from washington state. oh yeah, me and elder nielson have a lot of plans for sledding and cabin and hunting trips.
hahaha im gonna get going and workout... that is if we have hot water.... hahaha having some trouble last night lost hot water, and the sink is leaking, but its a good thing i was raised the way i was, the shower has had problems forever with water leaking out so i went to a hardware store, bought silicone, sealed it up, used a hanger to smooth it out. slick. hahahaha
i love you guys so much, keep being awesome.

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