Monday, February 21, 2011

Very Blessed...It's a Gift - 2-21-11

its absolutely amazing. i am just loving my mission now. we dont get 35 people baptisms like jamer but i was talking to Dr Simenson, he asked how the work was going, he asked if there are any missionaries that dont get at least 1 baptism. he said that half the missionaries where he had just served a senior mission go home without getting a baptism. That was in england. we are doing alright according to me. Things are moving and i have been very very blessed to see this happen lately, its a gift, and nothing else. We have several investigators, they are all humble and will bless this ward in great ways.

The back thing is in my mind resolved, for real! the most simple thing that has been the greatest break-though in back pain treatment. I have been talking with the world's best, no lie, the number one, haha this is what it is. This solves it.

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